We are counting on you
As you know, Madden League Manager is a free project. And we want it to stay that way. Madden NFL is already expensive enough and we are not talking about the quality of the game... However, and although we are proud to have over 230 leagues after only one year online, today we need you to continue.

We didn't have the goal of making money with the donation system that we put in place, just paying back the investments in servers and hosting. But, after one year, we did not reach 15% of the reimbursement of these costs for the first year.

We just renewed the server and hosting for an additional year but we are counting on you to support MLM and to allow us to continue to provide this service to you for longer than the year we just paid for.

If the commishs and a few players from each of the active MLM leagues donated $1, $2 or even $5 per month (which isn't much), we should be able to continue to deliver a product we love so much and that seems to please you.

Once again, we are counting on you.

December 29, 2020.