Edit & publis posts
How to write and publish a post?
It is very simple. Find the Admin button in the secondary MLM menu and click on it. There, you'll find a Post button. Again, click on it and search for the Add new button.

Here, you have 4 fields that you must fill:
  • 1/ The title (try to keep it short and simple);
  • 2/ the content;
  • 3/ the excerpt for a short introduction that will serve as a preview;
  • and 4/ choose Post or Rules in the Category box.
At any moment, you can click on the Draft button, this will save your post without publishing it. Click Publish when you are done.

Please note that, to appear on your league, you have to check at least one category.

NB: The commish is the only one who can publish posts on his league. The others members can only submit their content for review.
Any members of your league can comment a post on MLM. But remember that the first comment of any member must be approved by the commish. The following comments will then be automatically published.
Comments to approve and article awaiting validation
The commish receives an email during each necessary action concerning the validation of a comment or the publication of an article. The commish can also see the number of comments and posts awaiting in the menu.
Filter post on post page
For very active leagues who publish many posts, we have set up a very fast filter system which allows you to sort posts by content family. These categories are "Content" (for all text content that tells a story), "Commish" (for all official information from the commish) and "Game" for all match summaries. To filter an article simply enter the keyword in the Tag box present in the editor post.
Can I publish stats from a specific game in my post?
Yes you can. We have made a super easy system to use for you. When you are in the editing post, you'll find a button Display Game Stats. Choose the team you want and the system will show you the game played this season by this team. Click on the game you want and that is it.
Franchise update
If you have a bug since the update
Since the Franchise Mode update that EA released Thursday November 12, you may find that your league is no longer working. Only commishes from non-Superbowl leagues will be able to correct the problem by following the instructions below:

  • 1/ Go to the League Info page and at the bottom of the page, click on the Delete data button (this will only delete the data for the current season);
  • 2/ Export every week;
  • 3/ Export the Roster.

If you have reached the SB, it is possible that your data is compromised. Contact us on Twitter or Discord.