Join a league
How to find a league?
The list of all MLM leagues are available... in the All Leagues page. There, you can see different kinds of information: name of the league, number of players, week status, console, language... There is also a button that allows you to contact the commish of any league. As long as this commish wants to be reached from the outside.
How to turn off the contact button?
The commish of a league can decide wether or not he can be reached from anyone outside his league. To set this option off, just go to League infos and change Allow contact to no.
Franchise update
If you have a bug since the update
Since the Franchise Mode update that EA released Thursday November 12, you may find that your league is no longer working. Only commishes from non-Superbowl leagues will be able to correct the problem by following the instructions below:

  • 1/ Go to the League Info page and at the bottom of the page, click on the Delete data button (this will only delete the data for the current season);
  • 2/ Export every week;
  • 3/ Export the Roster.

If you have reached the SB, it is possible that your data is compromised. Contact us on Twitter or Discord.