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Access all your league data. Anywhere. Anytime. Madden League Manager is available on the web from your desktop or your mobile, of course, but it's also an app.

Yes, we made an app! 30 days to try for free.
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Easy to create a league.
Easy to find one.
Create or join a league for free and enjoy the connected franchise mode of Madden like you never did before. Personalize your league with a a banner or a logo, export data from your console to your league, invite players, edit your rules...
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Custom home page.
Enjoy a custom home page with all the info you need as a team GM: your team stats, your schedule, the playoffs run, the best players of the last week and more.
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Datas and statistics.
Get all stats from players and teams during the entire season, find players with the search engine, consult all stats from your next opponent, discover witch team is the best in any stats... Everything you need is here.
MLM exclusivity, display a view of all your player's contracts to make your franchise management easier.
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Write and read.
More than just data, MLM allows you to create and comment posts. Perfect to establish the league rules, to write some information to all members... or even to talk about a significant game.
Plus, a simple button allows you to publish your post on Twitter ord Discord.
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The only one with an app!
Ahead of all the others. MLM is the only player on the market to offer an app on iOs and Android.
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Visit our help page to get the answer to any question you may have regarding MLM or how it works.